Maria loves the holidays. The decorating and gift giving are a time she looks forward to every year. With her two children and a large extended family, the celebration seems to go on for two fun weeks. The only thing that stands in the way of her enjoyment is the budgeting of her finances. So, she vowed to make changes this year.

Making a plan and sticking to it
Maria formed a plan to tackle the holidays and stick to her budget. In October, she proposed a gift exchange to her relatives where each person drew a name from a hat. This way, each person was responsible for only one present, which helped everyone from spending too much.

In addition to the gift exchange, each child got one requested toy along with vouchers for a movie with their favorite person. Over the holiday break, the extended family had a big cookie making party and everyone brought something to eat. They also decided to participate in a local charity’s angel tree at a nearby mall to help share the holiday spirit by donating gifts to a family in need.

After a successful holiday, Maria was able to sit back and reflect on the family’s new holiday traditions. Everyone enjoyed the gift exchange and spending quality time with family and friends. Plus, everyone in the family was happy to save some money.

No more January Blues
When the holiday bills came in January, Maria was happy to start the new year with a smaller debt and a happy family. She promised herself she would keep finding new traditions which meant more than material objects.

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