Selena’s story
A couple of years ago, Selena wanted to move out of her apartment. It was fine when she moved in back in 2009, but since then the neighborhood had become less and less safe. It got so bad that she was worried about her children being able to play outside. Not to mention the fact that the landlord had not fixed the bathroom issues like a crumbling ceiling, broken tiles and a rusty faucet. At the time she just didn’t have enough savings to put down a new security deposit, and the first and last month’s rent. Plus, she knew she would need money for a truck to move all her furniture and clothes. She felt stuck and frustrated and wondered what to do next.

Finding some help
Luckily, Selena heard from a friend that consulting with a professional might help her find ways to save money. So, she made an appointment to talk with an experienced attorney who focuses on helping people with financial problems including bills and bankruptcy.

Learning to save
After telling her story, Selena discovered that by watching her spending, planning for bills, and saving every week, she would have enough money to move out of her old apartment and into a place in a safe, friendly location. Working with her attorney, she was able to organize her finances in a way that let her start to save slowly but steadily. Selena also learned how to budget and what having an emergency fund and a “freedom fund” meant.

Today, Selena and her two children enjoy playing in the park by their new apartment. Selena feels secure knowing that she is putting away savings and can cope with a financial emergency like a car repair or medical issues.

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