Amber’s story
Amber wanted to save up for a new car. She wanted independence from relying on friends and the bus system to get to work. But, she also realized that she wasn’t good at saving. Each month, Amber seemed to be at the end of her paycheck after she paid her bills and rent, so she decided to talk to a professional. The advice Amber got included keeping track of her spending. For one month, she faithfully wrote down all her expenses to discover exactly where she was spending her money.

It was hard work but, after a month, Amber realized that she was spending too much money on the weekends going out with her friends. She suggested to her group that they have a movie night with refreshments at home so they could all save and have fun doing it. After the second month, Amber was pleased with her progress and it encouraged her to keep saving toward a down payment for a car.

Quinton’s story
Quinton was a hard worker and wanted to take his family on a vacation to a big theme park. The kids had been doing well in school and the family had not gone on vacation in a few years. He knew the costs would be high for his family of four, but he really wanted to make it happen.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney suggested that since Quinton had automatic deposit of his paycheck, he should be able to set up an automatic savings deduction as well. Quinton chose a certain amount to go into an account just for vacation. He realized he didn’t really miss the money each week and in a few months was surprised that he had been able to save so much. Soon, he and his family will be heading out to sun and fun.


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