Being a single mom to a daughter and son meant Trina had a lot of responsibilities. When her kids were out of school for the summer, it was hard for her to find inexpensive activities for them. With her rent and credit card payments, she always felt behind. Trina decided she needed to find a way to cope and give herself, and her kids, a change of scenery. After brainstorming about free activities in her neighborhood, she decided to go with her children for a long walk to explore a nearby park.

A natural way to relax
The kids had a great time on their outing. Chasing squirrels and asking questions seemed to be favorite activities. Trina realized that she was breathing easier and was able to focus on solutions to her financial situation instead of just worrying. On the way to the park one day, Trina saw an informational flyer about a bankruptcy attorney. She took the time to think about her situation and how much stress it was causing her. Being out of the house helped her think about her situation clearly. The idea of getting some help with her finances started growing during her walks.

A path to calm
The next week, Trina contacted a law firm that specialized in financial issues. She learned about the different types of bankruptcy filings and which might be right for her situation. A discussion about saving and budgeting was also mentioned by the attorney. With a program in place, Trina was able to get rid of some of the stress and make a plan for the future. She continued on her nature walks with her kids and they were able to enjoy this new habit and their financial future together.