Felix’s story
Last spring, Felix, a single dad of three school-age kids, found himself thinking about financial management. He was tired of struggling to make ends meet and was relieved that school was almost over for the year. Felix knew, however, that fall would come and his growing children would need new clothes and shoes, along with the school year expenses such as supplies and fees.

When budgeting is not enough
Felix decided to talk with an attorney when he realized that reducing his expenses was not enough to make ends meet. He had been using credit cards to purchase everything from groceries to school supplies and was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the credit card bills that were piling up.  With the attorney’s help, they drew up a budget and determined that his income was not sufficient to maintain the credit card payments. Unfortunately, Felix had already started to skip payments on some cards but not others and his credit score was beginning to suffer. He decided to file a bankruptcy so that he could get a fresh start and rebuild his credit.

Now this August, Felix feels relieved. The trip for school clothes and shoes was more enjoyable for the kids and he was able to relax since he knew money for the essentials was already in the bank and fees were already covered with the savings account. Felix found that his finances didn’t take such a beating since he had planned ahead. The attorney he worked with also showed him how to save for vacations and gifts for the holidays. Even though Felix wasn’t going back to school, he had learned a great deal about financial management and feels like a star student.


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