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Our practice focuses on helping others to secure their financial health. This can come in the form of a structured bankruptcy, resolution of outstanding debts, proper formation of a personal business, or preparing for the future.

Hopes and Habits: Moving Towards Financial Wellness

When you close your eyes, where do you see yourself a month from now? A year from now? 10 years from now? We know that financial security is about so much more than money in your bank account. It’s about knowing there will be food on the table for your family, saving for your kids to go to college, and finally being able making those much-needed updates to your home. By helping you identify where you are and where you’ve been, we will equip you with the information to more clearly define your goals, develop an action plan and implement the steps necessary to build a prosperous future. We’ll help you understand how to change your habits to achieve your goals and dreams.

Estate Planning

Medical emergencies and the death of a loved one are two of the most common causes of financial crisis. Have you ever tried to make a big decision in the middle of a crisis? Your judgement is clouded as you’re overcome with emotion. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place for the unexpected – so you can focus on caring for the needs of yourself and your family. We can help you understand Living Wills, Trusts, Advanced Medical Directives, Powers of Attorney, and more.


Overcoming personal debt is complicated, but there can be a clear path towards restoring financial health. Likewise, reorganizing or even closing a business can be complicated and often overwhelming. We know how hard it is and we’re here to help. Getting the right advice about bankruptcy is critical in taking the rights steps toward a more secure future. It is an opportunity to address your debts head-on, reestablish credit, and plan for your future. There are many bankruptcy options, and we can help choose the right plan for you.

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