You know that you’ve been struggling. You’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul, cut off your cable, and gone to every-other-month for credit card payments. You come home from work one day, gather up the mail, and you see it:

An IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTER from your mortgage lender.

Do you open it?

While this does not constitute official legal advice, the short answer for us is “YES!”

Like many things in life – like annoying relatives and the song on the radio that drives you crazy – ignoring that IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTER will not make it go away. If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage and you’ve received that IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTER you need to open it right away.

But that IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTER is not the end of the world.

First and foremost, know that your lender does NOT want your house. Your lender wants someone to own your home and make regular payments. And as costly as it may seem to you, it also costs your lender both time and money to pursue foreclosure. So your lender may be agreeable to working with you to get back on track.

You may be protected from a rash foreclosure. Certain state and federal laws offer some protections. If you’ve been skipping payments, you are at great risk, but your original loan documents may offer you some recourse. And there are government agencies like HUD who can assist in certain foreclosure situations.

And make certain that that IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTER is actually from your mortgage lender. There are a host of scams floating around offering foreclosure relief and protection – “Just ignore the fine print and sign on the dotted line.”

Above all, contact someone like us. We help people open IMPORTANT LOOKING LETTERS every day. We can help you sort through the mumbo-jumbo, discover your rights, and create pathways to make those letters stop.